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Uncertain about your subject or career choice? Are you worried about what grade 10 subject to choose?
Uncertain which qualification you should pursue? At a cross road in your career?

Within 35 minutes, your career options will be crystal clear! Career Navigator will help you navigate through the myriad of subject and career choices, so you can make the right decisions now for a happier future later.

CAREER NAVIGATOR, an online subject and career guidance process, developed by Dirk Visser (MBL, Hons. Economics & Psychology) guides you through a series of questionnaires to identify your values, abilities, interests and skills. Bringing these 4 components together will highlight the jobs and relevant subject, in order of priority - that best fit your strengths and values.

Take away the pressure of your career choice today - start Career Navigation now! 

Direct benefits for you are:  immediate feedback, links your orientation to career options, crystalizes career choices, facilitates meaningful career plans and relieves career choice pressures.

About the Evaluation:
The program comprises 4 questionnaires, one assists the individual to ascertain his/her values, skills, abilities and interests. The skills, interests, and abilities have in turn been categorised into 6 individual categories : realistic, investigative, artistic, conventional, enterprising and social. It is important to note that all the job profiles have also been allocated to these categories.

Through a scoring process your responses are analysed and the 6 categories are rated accordingly in order of dominance. The candidate is then referred to the job category which corresponds to the most dominant trait, eg. if the candidates dominant trait is realistic, he/she would be referred to the realistic jobs.

The last part of the exercise is to evaluate which jobs best satisfy the values identified at the beginning of the program.